About Us

Houston cleaning company

Highest Quality Cleaning in Houston TX Guaranteed

Bright & Smart Commercial Cleaning of Houston strives to be a leader in the Texas Commercial Cleaning Industry by providing affordable, professional commercial cleaning services. Our Highly-Qualified and trained Staff and outstanding Customer Service will exceed your expectations.

Our Cleaning services range from Commercial cleaning to residential cleaning at very affordable prices.

Business Development

We are built up of financial backbone with company infrastructure and client base development,
Implementation of a realistic and comprehensive long and short range business plans,
Creation of brand labeling credit in the United States with upscale customers especially building contractors
Interaction and negotiation of contacts strategically with customers to increase sales.

Team Building / Leadership

Appointment, training and creation of vital teams chargeable for production, marketing, customer service, designing, information system and manufacturing.
Motivated and encouraged staff for creation of recognition and incentive programs, with constant communication.